Cave Creek Bicycle Festival
Your Passport to cycling the Desert Foothills
Saturday, November 10, 2012
Photos and Results


Kari Brooks of IB Photography caputred the Mountain Bike racers as they slammed down the Slate Trail in Cave Creek Regional Park. Click here to view her photos.
Cave Creek's own Gaired Fressadi took some wonderful photos of the Mountain Bike Race and the Kid's Kriterium. We should have links to those soon.

Andy Durbin, one of the Maricopa County Emergency Communications Group caught riders as they entered the Maricopa Regional Trail. Click here to view his photos.

Coming soon


Results are available for both the Mountain Bike Race and the Kids Cross at La Roue d'Or, LLC. Click here for the "Results" page on La Roue d'Or's web site and then scroll down to find the Cave Creek Bicycle Festival.

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